The Ruins of Urakami Cathedral


Urakami Cathedral in ruins. This Catholic church, which had devotees numbering 14,000 was destoroyed beyond recognition. Father Saburo Nishida and some ten parishiners were crushed to death by the falling debris.

(Photographed by the U.S. Army in November,1945)


The side wall of Urakami Cathedral after the atomic bombing(replica)

Urakami Cathedral was once the largest church in the Orient. Located about 500 meters northeast of the hypocenter, it collapsed and burned as a result of the atomic bomb explosion. This is a replica of part of the wall remaining on the southern side of the ruins. The statues were blackened by the flash of heat and fires, and the stone pillars shifted from their bases under the force of the blast. 


Statue of a saint



Statur of Apostle St. John