Urakami Cathedral

The red brick Urakami Cathedral, which was known as the largest in the Orient, was situated about 500 meters east-northeast of the hypocenter. The atomic blast reduced it to rubble except for a limited portion of the sanctuary wall, and the remains burned into the night. Within the grounds of the reconstructed cathedral, stone angels salvaged from the ruins testify to the ferocious power of the heat and blast from the atomic bomb. Of the approximately 12,000 Catholic believers living in the Urakami district, some 8,500 were killed.


Visitor’s Access

On foot:

  • A 15-minute walk from Matsuyama-machi streetcar stop
  • A 2-minute walk from Urakami Tenshudo-mae bus stop

By streetcar:

  • Get on the streetcar bound for Akasako at Nagasaki Ekimae and get off at Matsuyama-machi. It takes about 12 minutes.