D. Video Room 1 & 2, Q&A Corner

There are two video rooms and a Q&A corner in the museum.


Video Room 1

Alternately showing “August 9th, Nagasaki” and “Records of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing”.


l  “August 9th Nagasaki” (With English subtitles, 10 minutes)

An animation created by Nagasaki City together with Nagasaki Prefecture as part of the atomic bombing 35th anniversary event in order for the young generation to inherit the experiences of the atomic bomb. Includes English subtitles. Narrated by Misako Watanabe.


l  “Records of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing” (Japanese only, 20 minutes)

A movie compilation of footage taken by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey which shows the destruction of the atomic bombing.


Video Room 2

Alternatively showing “What Nuclear Weapons Bring” and “Nuclear Tests and Anti-Nuclear/Peace”


l  “What Nuclear Weapons Bring” (With English subtitles, 5 minutes)

Shows the reality that the Earth continues to be contaminated today, and that atomic bomb victims continue to be born today at nuclear testing sites and uranium mines around the world.”


l  “Nuclear Tests and Anti-Nuclear/Peace” (With English subtitles, 7 minutes)

On July, 1945, the first atomic bomb in the world exploded. This is a documentary which conveys how many nuclear tests have occurred since then, the steps that anti-nuclear/peace movements have taken, and what we can do now.


Q&A Corner


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