Mini Atomic Bomb Exhibit

Would you like to hold your own atomic bomb exhibit in your town? With this exhibit, no large scale preparations are required; just use the included picture poster to make your own Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibit that fits in any small space!

 Everyone, including local governments, grassroots organizations, NGOs, and even individuals can set up their own exhibit. Download it below!

 Let’s spread out a ring of peace to the world telling more people about the realities of the atomic bomb by holding your very own exhibit!


  An Outline of Atomic
Bomb Damege
Mini Atomic Bomb Exhibit
(All 20 Pictures)
Japanese (5.82MB) (21.4MB)
English (7.12MB) (13.5MB)
Simplified Chinese (3.00MB) (14.5MB)
Traditional Chinese (3.09MB) (14.5MB)
Korean (2.85MB) (14.5MB)
French (3.01MB) (14.9MB)
Russian (2.92MB) (15.2MB)
Spanish (3.11MB) (15.2MB)
Arabic (3.25MB) (14.9MB)
Portuguese (3.15MB) (15.1MB)
Dutch (3.07MB) (15.6MB)
German (3.02MB) (15.6MB)
Italian (0.60MB) (21.5MB)

 Click here to download each picture separately.

  • Materials:Details sheet surrounding the atomic bomb (1), pictures of things destroyed by the bomb and the aftermath from Nagasaki and Hiroshima and pictures of atomic bomb survivors (20)
  • Display Method:Print in color on A2 size paper.
  • Summary Report Submission: For use in exhibits, please send the summary report either by fax or email to Nagasaki City Peace Promotion Section at each time.(Click here to download the summary report.)