Yamazato Elementary School


Air Raid Shelter Ruins ( on the grounds of Yamazato Elementary School)

As the war effort reached a fever pitch, an air raid shelter was dug at the Yamazato Elementary School, located about 600 meters north of the hypocenter, in order to protect the lives of the pupils from anticipated air attacks. After the bombing, burned and injured children, teachers, and neighborhood residents crowded into the shelter, where most of them died.


Children's Memorial (located on the grounds of Yamazato Elementary School, erected November 1949)

A small girl clad in traditional farm-style clothing kneels in prayer amid the flames ignited by the atomic bomb. This memorial was erected upon the suggestion of Dr. Nagai, and was paid for with funds donated by him and with royalties from the book "Living Under an Atomic Cloud", a collection of excerpts taken from the diaries of pupils who survived. It is dedicated to the memory of the 1,300 pupils and teachers who died, as well as their families.


Visitor’s Access

  • On foot: A 8-minute walk from Ohashi streetcar stop (or bus stop)
  • By streetcar: Get on the streetcar bound for Akasako at Nagasaki Ekimae and get off at Ohashi.It takes about 15 minutes


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