Shiroyama Elementary School Ruins

Situated about 500 meters from the hypocenter, the former Shiroyama Elementary School was a three-story, modern reinforced concrete building constructed in 1922, but was heavily damaged by the bombing. The damaged building was subsequently repaired several times before the new school building was constructed, but a 474 square meter section still stands as part of the northern stair wing of the new building. The blast killed 29 teachers and about 110 students who were in the school at the time, in addition to some 1,400 pupils who were at their homes.


Visitor’s Access

On foot:

  • A 10-minute walk from Matsuyama-machi streetcar stop (or bus stop)
  • A 3-minute walk from Shiminpuru-mae bus stop

By streetcar:

  • Get on the streetcar bound for Akasako at Nagasaki Ekimae and get off at Matsuyama-machi. It takes about 12 minutes.


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