Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum (Nyokodo)

Photos: Nyokodo (left) Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum (right)


Dr. Takashi Nagai, in spite of having been exposed to the bomb himself, continued working to help other bomb survivors until his death at the age of 43. He lived in this tiny house with his two children. Dr. Nagai was devoted Catholic, and he named the house "Nyokodo" (literally, As-Yourself Hall) in honor of the teaching of Christ to "love others as you love yourself". Even as he lay in his sickbed in the house, he wrote a number of inspiring works such as "The Bells of Nagasaki" and "Leaving These Children Behind".

Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum (located next to Nyokodo)

In the hope that some light might be shed on the shattered lives of children in the wake of the bombing, Dr. Nagai built a small reading room. This was expanded into the Nagai Library after his death, and was later renamed the Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum to commemorate his indefatigable spirit and his inspiring achievements. On display are some of Dr. Nagai's possessions, drawings, writings, related photographs, etc.


Visitor’s Access

  • On foot: A 15-minute walk from Ohashi streetcar stop (or bus stop)
  • By streetcar: Get on the streetcar bound for Akasako at Nagasaki Ekimae and get off at Ohashi. It takes about 15 minutes.


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