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Experiences as narrated by A-bomb survivors

The A-bomb deprived many people of their lives and destroyed the City. Those who barely managed to survive continued to suffer from physical problems, including the atomic bomb disease. Moreover, the survivors live with the psychological trauma of losing their families and other loved ones. Please listen to the stories of people who experienced the atomic bomb, or read their stories in books.

Narratives of A-bomb Experience
(Let’s listen to the stories of A-bomb experience, directly from survivors)
For inquiry, contact: Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace ( Peace Wing Nagasaki)
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"We Will Tell You about the Atomic Bombing"
(Digital Kamishibai [picture-card show])
Mr. Katsuji Yoshida was 13 years old, a junior at Nagasaki Prefectural Industrial High School, when the atomic bomb was dropped. He was exposed to radiation at a location 850 meters from the hypocenter. On the basis of his experiences, students of Nagasaki City Sakurababa Junior High School created the Kamishibai (picture-cards).
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