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What is atomic bomb disease?

The damage done to the human body by an A-bomb’s heat rays, blast and radiation has been referred to generally as atomic bomb disease. Atomic bomb disease is divided into two categories; acute damage and aftereffect, depending on whether the symptoms appear before or after four months since exposure to the atomic bomb.

Acute damage ⇒ Develop within four months after the bombing

  Symptoms caused by heat rays and fire - Burns
  Symptoms caused by blast - External injuries, bone fractures etc
  Symptoms caused by radiation - Nausea, lassitude, loss of hair etc

Aftereffect ⇒ Developed more than four month after the bombing

  Keloids - Irregular, abnormally protruding scar tissue that forms during the healing process in burned skin
  A-bomb cataract - Cataract caused by A-bomb radiation. Opacity develops in the crystalline lens of the eye, causing visual disturbance.
  Microcephaly - A condition in which the head is of smaller than normal circumference. Microcephaly occurred among persons exposed to radiation while in the uterus
  Leukemia - Blood cancer

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