Damage from the Atomic Bombing

B-2 Devastation of Urakami Cathedral


    The Urakami district has its own history as a place of Christian propagation since the late 16th century. Christian believers put up with the long successive persecution which began in 1587, and in 1873, the ban on Christianity was lifted. Christians which had protected a faint light of their faith, piled up bricks one by one for 20 long years to build the Urakami Cathedral and completed it in 1914. Afterwards, they completed its twin tower in 1925. The tower was 26 meters tall and was the cathedral was the greatest one in East Asia, however, its belfry dome tragically crumbled down due to the atomic bomb and left behind only a side wall.

(Photo by Edwards Rogers)

The side wall of Urakami Cathedral which was exposed to the atomic bomb (replica), and other artifacts such as an angel statue and rosary are on display.




Side wall of the Urakami Cathedral exposed to the atomic bomb (replica)









                      Angel Statue