A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

C-5 Victims of the Development and Testing of Nuclear Weapons

In March 1954, nine years after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, the United States performed a hydrogen bomb test in Bikini Atoll of the South Pacific. Mr. Aikichi Kuboyama, a crew member of the Daigo Fukuryu-maru, a Japanese tuna fishing boat, suffered serious damage from this test, and died a half year later. He left these words; "I pray that I am the last victim of a nuclear and hydrogen bomb." In spite of the wishes of Mr. Kuboyama on his deathbed, nuclear weapons have continued to be produced in increasing numbers and have caused life-threatening accidents.

At the nuclear weapon testing sites, not only people but also the natural environment has been contaminated by the radioactivity. Those who have been victimized by the nuclear arms race are still suffering from the after-effects.