Outline of the Exhibition and Facilites



A. August 9, 1945

As a prelude to the main exhibits, this section introduces the scenery and customs of Nagasaki just before the atomic bombing. Also on display is a wall clock stopped right at 11:02 a.m., the moment of the explosion and the instant the city and its citizens suffered utter devastation.


B. Damages Caused by the Atomic Bombing

By exhibiting the devastating scene of Nagasaki just after the atomic bombing, this section provides visitors with an understanding of the fearsome destructive power and horrors of the atomic bombing.


C. Toward a World free from Nuclear Weapons

This section provides visitors with an opportunity to think about issues related to war, nuclear weapons and peace in order to realize a world without nuclear weapons.


D. Video Room

Documentary films related to the atomic bombing are shown. The faclities include a Q&A corner regarding the atomic bombing and peace, and a reference system to find documents such as Nagasaki's Peace Declaration.