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Kids heiwa Nagasaki

On August 9, 1945 at 11:02 a.m, the beautiful city of Nagasaki was obliterated in an instant. That was when a horrible atomic bomb was dropped on our city. Why did such a tragic event happen? What is an atomic bomb?  What can we do to prevent another horrible war from happening in the future? Let’s try to think about it together!

Atomic Bomb and Nagasaki City
Before A-bombings
Why did they develop the atomic bombs?
Why did they drop an atomic bomb on Nagasaki?
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Damage Caused by the Atomic Bombing
What happened when the atomic bomb was dropped?
Why do many people still suffer now?
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Reconstruction of Nagasaki City
How did they rebuild Nagasaki?
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To realize a world free of nuclear weapons
Can we abolish nuclear weapons?
How can we make world peace?
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Animation kayano
Kayano's Summer (Supplementary explanation)
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Picture Card Picture Card
We Will Tell You about the Atomic Bombing
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Children In My Eyes
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